Thursday, September 29, 2011

We don't know what we don't know - Part I and am I glad!

I am so glad that I had no idea what this project would entail when we first had the idea in early June. I confess if I had known then all I know now, I'm certain I would have been too scared to try it. I wouldn't recommend going in with your eyes wide shut, but I think that's often how things end up. We plan, we organize, and we imagine how it will be, and then everything turns out differently. That's what happened with this project.

When we first had the idea, we spent several weeks praying about it, so we didn't contact anyone until end of June. At the time, we thought the due date was November 30. Silly us. Our first interviews were the first weekend in July.  We found out a month later that our due was October 31, or so we thought. Then last week, we realized our true due date is tomorrow. 

We didn't even get our editing software until late July. Our frugal children wanted to spend their money on the newest edition of Final Cut Pro, and we heard FCP X would soon be out, so we waited. FCP X is a dud and a giant step back in editing software, which is an unusual event for Apple. By that time, Apple had stopped making FCP 7, the previous version. You could find it used, but the resale community now had a much desired commodity, so the price of a used FCP 7 doubled over original retail price. Through some patient searching, we were able to find a used version of FCP 7 for its original new retail price. Finally, we're going to have editing software! We can begin post production. Everything's going to be smooth sailing now...

Then, on my 50th birthday, we got that looonnngg awaited phone call. We have tried to sell our house every year for the last 3 years. We'd had over 70 showings, and nary an offer. But on my 50th birthday, we got an offer on our home. We were thrilled to be able to sell, but... so much for smooth sailing. Our buyers wanted to close in a month, so now we had to divide and conquer. Randy always handles the paperwork aspect of the move. I'm usually the packer and organizer. Caleb and Lisa are usually my helpers, but this time, they had their own To Do list: begin cataloging about 30 hours of interview clips and B-roll film. 

Tomorrow... the rest of the story.

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