Saturday, September 17, 2011

Finally, Meet the Fryes:

They are: Erin (yes, that's the correct spelling of the father's name), Emily, Lizzie, Mary, Charlotte (aka "Charlie"), Tom, Henry, Alice Faith, and baby on the way. Erin is one of our deacons, and he and his whole family are such a blessing to our church. They are one of the most hospitable families you will ever meet. If you drop by their home near dinner time, you might get an invitation; not recommending it, just saying it's been known to happen. 

They have one of the fastest adoptions I've ever heard of-- five months from start to finish. They brought sweet Alice Faith home from Ukraine January, 2011. They demonstrated their love for Alice by taking not one but TWO trips to Ukraine in the middle of winter. Who goes to the Ukraine in the dead of winter? People who passionately love their Ukrainian-born daughter who is waiting there for her parents. 

Shortly after Erin and Emily arrived home with Alice, Emily began to feel really tired. At first, she put it down to having a baby in the house again. Then, with some other tell-tale signs, Emily knew that they would soon be blessed with another child. The baby is due around Thanksgiving time. Can't wait to meet Baby Frye. Don't know if it's a boy or girl; Erin and Emily want to wait to find out, so we wait too. 

You'll want to catch up with their whole story here. Here are some pictures:

Dinner time at the Fryes

Family worship

Before I close, I have to include a story about Tom. Yesterday, we stopped by the Fryes to pick something up and visited for a short while. Caleb went with Tom to build with Legos. As they were building, Tom showed Caleb a cross he had created out of Legos. He then put the cross on the airplane he was flying, telling Caleb, "I like to put the cross on my plane, because it reminds me of God while I'm playing." That's Tom. But Tom is also the one who wanted to make sure he made it to our "blooper" reel. Don't worry, Tom, you made it. 

P.S. This was the post that was 90% written prior to our temporary relocation, but I just had to let you know that the Fryes called within minutes of our evacuation to offer a place to stay. Keep in mind that their house is wonderfully full now with the blessings that God has given them and they were still willing to find room for 4 more. I told you they were hospitable. 

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