Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coming Attractions!

Well, after praying and waiting, and praying some more, we believe we have our next project. We will be sharing the story of a family we have been blessed to get to know over the last year. The D'Amatos have four children, but the youngest, Ethan, was diagnosed with a chronic disfiguring disease. Though to many, this would be a tragedy; the D'Amatos, through God's grace, have used this as an opportunity to share the gospel with those who are first curious about Ethan's disease.

We hope to be filming soon. We'll be sharing clips and behind the scenes footage as well. Please stay tuned!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Thanks for being patient

OK, so we now have the kinks worked out of the download. If you wish to purchase a download, on the left side bar of this blog, there is a Paypal button. Once you have purchased a download, we will send you a password, and a link to our Vimeo page. Then have the option of streaming or downloading. We hope you will be blessed!

Stay tuned for a special announcement tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Thank you to everyone who took part in our free online streaming of Grafted. We were amazed and blessed at the response. We appreciate all who referred others through blogs, Twitter, FB, and any other method. Thank you to those who watched for the first time, then shared it with others. We were glad to hear that it made you laugh and cry, and that you were encouraged.

While it's no longer available for free, you can purchase the DVD (see right side bar). In addition, we're working out the kinks to make Grafted available as a download as well. We hope to have that up very soon. Finally, if you would be interested in hosting a showing for your church or group, you can email us at

Also, stay tuned for an announcement regarding our next project, which is currently in the pre-production stages!

Sola Deo Gloria!