Thursday, September 1, 2011


Welcome to Grafted! We are the Scott family: Randy (Dad), Pat (Mom), Caleb (16) and Lisa (15--well, almost). For several months, we have been praying about, planning, and beginning the process of filming our full length documentary, GraftedAs the name implies, the film is about adoption, but more than just physical adoption. This earthly adoption mirrors what God has done for us through salvation and His adoption of us as His children. 

We started this blog to get the word out about Grafted for many reasons. Most importantly, we desire that God be glorified in all that we do, and this extends to film making. In particular, because of God’s adoption of us and His love for orphans, we believe a film about adoption can bring Him glory. So we began this journey; and named our production company Journey Pictures
We are WAY behind in getting our blog started, but a funny thing happened on our way to the filming and editing. In May, we decided to put our very suburban home on the market, hoping to move to the country where we can have a little more land, and a lot more freedom. But that process is a story for another post, and I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Well, we are now moved in (mostly) and have gotten back on the editing train. Now that we’ve finally written our first post, we hope to be more regular in our posts. First, we’ll have to catch you up on what’s been happening since we started the actual work of the film, then keep you up to date as we work to finish the project in time to enter it into the San Antonio Independent Christian Film FestivalI say “we”, but that will mostly mean “me”, Pat. Caleb and Lisa are our editors, our own personal “Mac” geniuses, or is that “creatives”? Randy, of course, has a full time job, in addition to supervising the ongoing work on the film. SO...I was unanimously nominated to be the blogger. 

In the future, we'll include stories of adoption, of our filming and editing, behind the scenes footage, and some sneak peeks at the film. Tomorrow, we'll introduce you to the other people working on the film as well as the families who'll be sharing their adoption journeys. So, follow our blog, watch the stories unfold,  and share this blog with your friends.

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