Monday, September 19, 2011

The Beach Life:

The third family we were blessed to interview is the Beaches: Chris, Amy, Ethan, Hannah, Ben, and Ellie. While the Fryes had the shortest adoption, the Beaches had the longest: four years. Their faithfulness throughout the journey, despite the various hardships (and they had several along the way), was an inspiration to those around them. Usually around Chris and Amy, you will spend most of the time in laughter; their family is very funny. However, their interview is a different story. It is so touching and emotional as they share the ups and downs, culminating in the homecoming of sweet Ellie in May of 2010. It is so precious to hear how the whole family, especially the children, was willing to make personal sacrifices to prepare a place for their then unknown sister from China.

We were blessed to be at the airport when they arrived, and it was a beautiful sight to see the whole Beach family united for the first time, as the three American-born Beach children met their Chinese born sister and welcomed their parents back home. If you've never been to a homecoming of a child, I highly recommend it. You will bless and encourage the family, and you will share in an unforgettable memory.

The Beach family together at last (plus a little boy with a yellow sign)
The Beaches have a family blog at The Beach Life. In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes photos:

 Hannah, Ben and Ethan being interviewed.

 Ellie, the big girl, getting her own water.

Amy and Chris during the interview.

Ellie has a variety of faces she can demonstrate for you.

Ethan Beach is also interested in film making, so you'll usually find him behind the camera instead of in front of it. His brother and sisters are his usual film crew and actors, but he's also been known to invite others to join their productions. 

Here is Ellie in costume:

And Ellie in Ben's costume

While we were at the Beaches, we were also in the middle of selling our home. We got a phone call at 5 pm for a showing at 6:30. I (Pat) left to prepare the house while the rest of the family and John Urback stayed to finish B-roll filming. Amy also insisted on feeding us. Since I wasn't there for dinner, she actually sent dinner for me home with my family. We invade their home for a day and completely disrupt their schedule and they feed us. We really do have a very hospitable church. Thank you Beaches, for a great day at your home!


  1. I really like all your pictures (especially the ones of Ellie)!

  2. Thanks. The pictures of the families have been a lot of fun. The only trouble is limiting the number of photos I put up.

  3. Ellie is an amazing little actress

  4. I like the one where she is busting out of Ben's coat. :)