Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Wonderful and Talented Friends!

Instead of introducing everyone, we decided to introduce you to the other people working on the film today, then over the next few days, you'll meet our experts (the pastors), and all the families that are sharing their stories. Keep in mind, our experts are not just experts, they are also adoptive parents. They know what they're talking about, not only from biblical knowledge, but knowledge tested in and proven out in real life. Can't wait to share some of what we've learned, just from interviewing them!

Now to the introductions:

First, there is Richard Rector. He leads the congregation in music worship at our church. But he does so much more than that! He is married to his beautiful wife, Laura, and they have four adorable children: Ethan, Emma, Noah, and Luke. He also has a full time non-musical job AND he is a great piano teacher (we know this from experience). In addition to all this, he has agreed to compose the music for this documentary! He has an interest in composing music for movies, and is willing to let Grafted be his first film credit. We are blessed to know this family personally as well as to have him on our team. Thank you, Richard! And thank you, Laura and your children for sharing some of your husband's / father's time with us. 

Next is John Urback: aspiring film maker/ composer, blog writer, and best friend. As part of our moving crew (see yesterday's post), he is affectionately called "the camel." John has been on generous loan from his parents, Mark and Lynn Urback, to help with many aspects of the film. Caleb, Lisa, and John have been the film crew, the sound crew, the lighting crew, the make-up crew, behind the scenes crew, and whatever other crew I can't remember. 

John's most important assignment was sound: making sure the men were miked properly and listening for random house noises that would disturb the film's sound quality. It sure gets hot with all those lights and no fans; we had to turn off the fans during filming, because you can hear the whir of the fans on film. This truly has been a young film makers' effort! 

Thank you to our dear friends, the Urbacks for sharing John with us, and thank you, John, for your hard work.

As we introduce the families, we'll meet them in the order we filmed. Tomorrow, you'll meet the Shiflets: David, Gina, Emily, J. Michael, Andrew, Kathlena, Calvin, and baby Isabella (she'll be 6 weeks old tomorrow).


  1. We are happy to share our "camel" with you anytime.

  2. Da "Camel" is always ready. (Insert Arabian/English accent)