Saturday, October 1, 2011

We don't know what we don't know - Part II

We left off yesterday with the contract on our house. Now to August:

August was spent editing, preparing for our move and trying to make sure we wouldn't be homeless. We had done a little bit of looking, but, since our house hadn't sold in 3 years, and this was the worst market yet (road widening was going on right behind our home to make a 4-lane road that would lead to brand new homes across the street from our 5 year old home), we hadn't settled on anything. We found our home, asked the sellers to be ready to move out in less than 3 weeks, and they said, "Yes." So we packed up and moved to our own "Green Acres." Well, they're brown now, but we're praying for rain. 

So now we live in a county where 2 towns in 2 other counties are closer than any town in our own county, and we love it. But I digress; I was talking about our film making adventures. During our brief stay in our new home, it rained for the first time in months. Yeah! And our power goes out. Not so Yeah! Computers need electricity. Oh, well, Mom gets a night off from cooking; let's go "to town." The power goes off another 2 times, then come the Texas Wildfires. We're out of house for 9 days. We got back in our home, then a week later realized when our film is due. You know, I think they actually changed the SAICFF website because of my question. And now we're  praying and asking God to give us strength, wisdom, and everything else we need to finish. So far, He has supplied, so we're continuing to move forward.

I ask you, would you have started this project if you knew all that when you started? Honestly, I hope, after seeing all God has allowed to be done to pull this film together, I hope I would trust Him enough to try. God always knows how much I need to know. When will I ever learn to completely trust Him, that I don't need to know any more than His Providence has already revealed?

So why did I share our long saga? Because through it al,l God has supplied our needs, whether it be encouragement, photos, editing knowledge, or music.

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