Thursday, October 6, 2011

Last but not least... the Greens

The Greens are long time members of our church and the last couple we interviewed for Grafted. They are the proud parents of Justin and Peterson, who arrived home from Haiti the week after Mother's Day.

Greg and Cara were one of the couples at church when it was founded in April, 2006. In December, 2006, they moved to Florida so Greg could attend chiropractic college. While in Florida, they began the long adoption process. During the > 2 year process, they were able to visit the boys in Haiti, but due to bureaucratic red tape and logistical nightmares, they weren't able to bring Justin and "Petey" home until May of 2009. Since their homecoming, Greg completed school, then a 10 week internship in Rhode Island, where the boys experienced snow for the first time. Finally, Greg became Dr. Greg in March 2010, and they moved home to Texas.

Since then Dr. Greg has been starting up his practice, which is growing. He shares his health and wellness tips here. Both Greg and Cara are also wonderful chefs, and their famous "green" pot is usually one of the first ones emptied at our Sunday fellowship meal. They also love organic, and have a small garden in their backyard. The Green family loves cats and they have given a home to 3 of them. While Greg is busy helping his clients, Cara is busy educating their boys and caring for their home.

Here are some of photos of our day with the Greens:

Petey and Justin on their bikes.

Greg answers questions during filming.

The boys help with their yummy garden.

Thank you, Greens, for spending your day with us.

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