Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Meet the Bauchams

Dr. Voddie and Bridget Baucham were the next adoptive parents we interviewed. Since they were having some work done on their home, we interviewed them in our home. Voddie and Bridget are the proud parents of 7 children: Jasmine, Trey, Elijah, Asher, Judah, Micah, and Safya. The last five are all under 7. To say that the Bauchams have a busy household is an understatement!

We are blessed to have Pastor Voddie as one of the pastors of our church. Not only does he preach, but he also preaches at other churches and speaks at conferences all over the world. In his "spare time", he also writes books: The Ever-Loving Truth, Family Driven Faith, and What He Must Be. He is working on others at this time, as well. Bridget home educates the youngest five, while Jasmine and Trey pursue continuing education in areas of interest. In addition, Trey works outside the home, while Jasmine is Bridget's "right hand girl," helping Bridget care for the younger children and the Baucham home. The Bauchams also manage to fit in hospitality, teaching home Bible study groups (Pastor Voddie does this one) and hosting New Members' classes. I'm just not sure when they find time to sleep.

Pastor Voddie and Bridget bring a unique perspective to Grafted. They are the only family interviewed who have adopted domestically, and they are the only family who has gone through the adoption process not just once, but 5 times! Along their adoption journey, they have studied and learned about marriage, family, children, and especially about adoption. They bring not only their vast experience to the film, but also Pastor Voddie's theological understanding of the doctrine of adoption. Pastor Voddie, like Pastor David Shiflet, fills the dual role in the film of both theological expert on adoption AND battle tested adopted father.

Thank you Pastor Voddie and Bridget for spending your day with us, and Pastor Voddie for a second day of interviewing.

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