Monday, November 25, 2013

Grafted + YouTube = Free Streaming!

We are excited to announce that Grafted has been uploaded to YouTube. You can now stream Grafted for free! DVDs and downloads are still available if you want to own a copy. If you have already purchased a download, your link will still be active. 

If you've watched Grafted and it has blessed to you, would you please share it with others? We pray this film will continue to bless families, remind believers of their adoption in Christ, and encourage participation in earthly adoption, whether through prayer, giving, or actual adoption. 


  1. I couldn't find it on youtube :(

  2. Ah, sorry, we neglected to put it in the actual post. The link is here:

  3. One of our very favorite Adoption documentaries! Thank you for making it public so that we can share it with others!