Wednesday, December 7, 2011

They're Here! They're Finally Here!!!!!

Yes, we're still here. Thanks for being so patient. It's been too long since we last posted, and there are several things we need to post.

First: the showing. The showing was a success with a great turnout. Thank you everyone for coming and showing your support of this film. We had some very kind and encouraging comments afterwards, and we are grateful. We owe special thank you's to everyone who helped with the evening: JR Haas and Jeff Malott for help with A/V and to the Naquin family for help with setting up, and taking care of refreshments. Thank you to everyone who brought a snack to share. You can always count on our church to share good eats!

We've been working on preparing the DVD for release, which takes more work than you would guess. There's compressing the movie to fit on a single layer DVD without losing the quality that you gained by using an HD camera, then there's cover art, disk design, blurbs to write, layouts to go over... and the list goes on. Who knew there was so much involved in duplicating a simple DVD? Anyway, for those of you who have asked about a DVD, that's why it has taken so long.

But the wait is OVER! They arrived today from our new friend, Cheryl Bagby, at Creative Media Resources. She was so very patient throughout the entire process with us newbies. We really appreciate her diligence, patience, and especially her quality work.

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